Saturday, 28 August 2010

2010 - week 34

I hope your week was better than mine :) I suffered a bad back this week, our cat Bettie was hospitalized at the vet-clinic for 5 days, I was told I am getting laid off at work after 24 years, got a financial setback of 3000 shekels, there is no progress with Sharon and Michals new flats (and my 80 square meter house is really getting crowded now) etc etc, but staying optimistic I hope next week will be a blast! :)

So our home transformed into a pet-clinic for Bettie our cat. She needs daily infusions and antibiotics for a kidney infection. I am so glad she is home again and she gets spoiled with homecooked fish and chicken (to be sure there is no salt added).

Still some nice things happened.
I found this heavy tin photoframe at the fleamarket for 2 dollars. It had a sailor photo from the sixties in it, so my guess is, it's 50 years old. I put a photo of my parent's wedding in 1961 inside!

I finished my ottoman slipcover last week. We have this brown fake leather Ottoman which is super ugly! Thing is, the family loves it as it's so easy for a game of chess, or to put the feet up etc so I wanted to cover it up. Now be gentle :). It is my second sewing project ever. I did the Union Jack pillow a month ago and now I made this slipcover. Still needs to washed so it will shrink a little and be a perfect fit I hope. It's made from Ikea's Berta Ruta.

I also finished my fall kit, The colors of Fall. It's a huge kit for all Autumn related layouts, for Halloween, Thanksgiving, all in one, 270 Mb in all ! With 20 fullsize papers, 50 elements, two full alphabets and a labelsheet with 25 wordlabels! I will show you more previews once it is in store!

and finally I caught up with my project 365 layouts. Only a couple of months more to go and I can have the book printed! Here are week 32, 33 and 34 :)
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Bev said...

First, your ottoman cover is fabulous! You are really good! Second, you must let me know things like you were laid off!!! What will you do now? Can you retire stay at home? Also, I'm sorry your kitty had to go to the vet. Last time Lola went it cost me a fortune! So keep me up to date so I can send good thoughts your way! XOXO
Cheery wave from