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Monday, 2 August 2010

Buttermilk barley porridge

Last month I lived 24 years in Israel. 24 Years of Mediterranean salads, falaffel, olives...Yesterday I all of the sudden wanted to eat Karnemelkse pap or Zoepenbrij as it was called in the Northern Netherlands, zoepen meaning buttermilk and bry meaning porridge (Buttermilk barley porridge). Call me crazy. It is 35 degrees Celcius inside the house and close to 40 outside (100 Fahrenheit) :) But I loved this traditional Dutch food when I was a child, some 40 years ago. And....... I can't buy it here :(
So I went to our local groceries store and bought a pack of pearl barley and let it soak for 12 hours in water. Today I cooked it for an hour and than added a liter and a half of buttermilk (karnemelk in dutch, Rivion in Israel). Added a spoon of Dutch maple syrup (stroop) and ready! And the taste? Exactly as 40 years ago!

Buttermilk Porridge
or here
or here
Buttermilk porridge with barley

2 happy thoughts:

Adriana said...

Hmm, that looks good. Maybe I should give the recipe to my boyfried, so he can cook this up sometime.

greetz Adriana

Shirley1md said...

I'm sure it was delicious! It's amazing how certain foods remind us of our youth.