Wednesday, 8 September 2010


Tonight we celebrate the Jewish New Year, Rosh hashana.
It was an eventful year.
It started with Rosh hashana last year,
the week our sweetie Joey went missing.
Sharon left the Navy after her 2- year compulsary service
and started a job as a zoo-keeper.
Michal finished the Navy college with honors
and will be drafted in the Navy soon.
Sarai went to senior highschool, kita jut.
Yael celebrated her batmitswa and broke her leg.
Hubby celebrated his 50th birthday.
We had our first big family together trip abroad ever and it was fantastic.
I met so many new blogfriends and got so inspired (hugs to you all).
And I got fired from my job I had for 18 years.

I hope the new year will bring
first of all health,
lots of love,
and safety for all of us
and for the country

If I have offended, hurt, insulted, or
did an injustice to anybody 
in the last year,
I ask for forgiveness.
Shana tova to all my Jewish friends 
and may we be inscribed in the book of Life.

and a tribute to my sweetie Joey, missing for one full year now.


Privet and Holly said...

Hi Elsina,
Wow, you HAVE
had some year,
haven't you? I'm
so sorry about your
missing kitty and
about your job. I
hope that as far as
the latter is concerned,
when one door closes,
another one will open.
As far as your kitty...
We had friends who had
a cat taken from their
yard by a bird of prey,
right before their eyes.
FOUR years later, she
came back to them!!! So,
there is always faith and
hope. Thank you for
stopping by today ~ it is
very nice to meet you!
xx Suzanne

Create With Joy said...

Dear Elsina

Blessings and Happy New Year to you! I also am so sad for you about your missing kitty and about your job loss. However, I am praying that you will be reunited with your kitty one day - on last night's news, there was a moving story about a reunion of a dog with his family after 8 years! The dog just lay with his head resting on his owner's knee and his eyes closed the whole time, like - now I am at home, now I can erst. May it be so for you as well (just sooner!)

I did not plan it this way, but God directs our days. Today, I have featured a few of the lovely gifts you sent me on my site. I was so blessed by everything you sent; perhaps today's post will lift your spirits!

May God direct your paths and open new doors to you as you move into the new place He has prepared for you.