Saturday, 18 September 2010

Second chance - quickpage freebie

Amanda made the layout/quickpage below. This is what she wrote:
A very special Holy day deserves recognition -
Yom Kippur, the new year
comes today- with the greeting
"Shana tova umetukah"; A Good & Sweet Year to you.
So much history is connected with this observance.
A reverent day, a day of fasting.
A day of remembering and a day of repentance, or in modern terms,
a day of 180 degree turns.
  EMSArts kit FALL was used to make this Quick Page.
  She calls it  "Second Chance"-
  because a new year, a new leaf- brings us a second chance.
The full size png version without photos and verse 
may be downloaded  HERE.
Have a blessed year all!!

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~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Hi Elsina,
Thank you for entering my giveaway, I threw the Elsina-notes in the big bowl, fingers crossed!
Off to read some of your past posts..
Have a lovely Sunday and a happy week. xx