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Friday, 17 September 2010

Yom Kippur

Tonight Yom Kippur will begin, the Day of Atonement. I will be offline till tomorrow evening. Before Yom Kippur we ask for forgiveness from all of those we may have offended in the past year, knowingly or unknowingly. If I have offended anyone, insulted anyone, hurt anyone or did any other wrongdoing, please forgive me!

Avinu Malkeinu:

Our father our LORD, hear our voice!
Our father our LORD, we have sinned before thee.
Our father our LORD, have mercy upon us and our children.
Our father our LORD, eliminate plague, war and famine from us.
Our father our LORD, eliminate every enemy and libelous from us.
Our father our LORD, Our father our LORD, write us in the book of life.
Our father our LORD, renew us, renew us with a good year.
Hear our voices


2 happy thoughts:

Pierelantijntjes said...

Wat een mooi gebed Elsina.
Wat erg van de partner van je man. Zo jong nog.
Lieve groetjes uit Nederland.

Amanda said...

Oh, this is beautiful.