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Friday, 29 October 2010

Happy birthday Sharon!

22 Years ago my eldest was born after just 28 weeks. In those day they didn't have yet those injections before birth that will develop the lungs in cases of emergency and Sharon was born without and had to be on oxygen for 2 weeks, which badly damaged her eyes. Doctors said before the C section, she would probably not live, she would have damage to heart, lungs and kidneys and be probably deaf and blind. But she was not. She had an open ductus botali, a bloodvessel between heart and lungs, which miraculous closed itself the night before the scheduled operation when she was 8 days. She got sepsis, a bloodinfection and was in isolation for 6 weeks, but she survived. Born just 1080 grams, which went down to 990 grams (2 pound) and only 33 centimeters (13 inch) long she made it! She came home on December 15th 1988!

She got her first glasses when she was 7 months. She already underwent 4 lazer operations to close a row of tiny holes in her retina, caused by the oxygin at birth and she has glasses -17. But she made her batmitswa in synagogue, finished highschool and army duty and ended two years duty in the navy as a sergeant last year! Now she is in a shabbatical year, working as a zookeeper and hopefully she can start her university studies next year. Sharon loves Japanese rockmusic and anime, speaks Japanese only from internet and anime movies, loves sushi and everything Japanese, so we got her some Japanese foods, books, CD's trough ebay :) and some new clothes. Michal bought her a gorgeous Japenese teapot with 4 cups.

She is always in a good mood, laughing, helping out and happy. She is a wonderful sister to Michal, Sarai and Yael and a fantastic daughter. I am so proud of her! Happy 22th birthday Sharon!

This is the birthday card I made for Sharon a while ago.

It says on the front "spread your wings and fly"
and a proverb of Buddha inside

As usualy the birthday-bird can ask for her/his favorite food and it was decided on bitterballen and eierballen. This is a Dutch dish. Sharon had those in a very cold winter when she had her batmitswa trip to Holland 10 years ago. Of course, in Israel, I have to make this dish from scratch :). We made them vegetarian naturally, half of them without egg inside (bitterballen) and half with boiled egg inside (eierballen).

This is what you need (serves a family of 7):
1 large carrot
125cc  vegetable Bouillon (broth)
100 g ( 3.5 oz) green beans
can of champignons
2 large onions
50 gr.(1.7 oz) butter
75 gr.(2.64 oz) flour
2 egg yolks for the ragout
half a bunch of fresh parsley
frying oil
bread crumbs to roll in

flour to roll in
one egg and a tbsp milk to roll the balls in before the breadcrumbs
5 boiled eggs cut in halves (makes 10 eierballen)

This is how it's done:
in Dutch:
Schil  de wortel en rasp ze zo fijn mogelijk. Hak de spercieboontjes fijn. Het moet eigenlijk een puree worden, zo fijn. Laat de champignons uitlekken. Bewaar het groentenat van de champignons and boontjes. Breng 1/8 ltr vegetarische bouillon aan de kook. Doe er eerst de wortels in en laat het 10 minuten pruttelen. Voeg dan de sperziebonen toe en laat afgedekt nog 15 -20 minuten koken. Dan de zeer fijn gehakte champignons toevoegen.
Alles in een vergiet doen en laten uitlekken, het nat opvangen.Smelt in een andere pan de boter,bak de gehakte ui hierin en voeg dan ineens de bloem toe. Roer tot de bloem door de boter is opgenomen endoe er steeds wat van het opgevangen groentenat bij. Klop de eidooiers los,doe ze bij de saus en schep er dan de gekookte groente door. Maak het pittig met gehakte peterselie, zout (halve theelepel) en peper. Spreidt de ragout uit op een platte schaal, laat het in de koelkast door en door koud worden en vorm er dan met natte handen (ik gebruik wegwerp plastic handschoenen) eierballen (en half ei omwikkelen met de ragout tot een bal) en bitterballen van. Zet drie borden klaar, een met geklopt ei, een met bloem en een met paneermeel om de ballen te paneren voor het frituren.
Wentel ze dan door bloem,ei, paneermeel.....Daarna even stevig laten worden in de koelkast.   frituren in zonnebloemolie. Serveren met mosterd.

English (translated by me from Dutch, so please bear with me)
Peel the carrot and grate to tiny pieces. Also cut the beans very small.  I use a foodprocessor, it should be puree (mash). Place the champignons in a colander. Save the fluids on the beans and champignongs in the cans. Bring to boil 125 cc vegetarian bouillon. Add the grated carrot and leave it to boil for 10 minutes more. Add the beans and leave it with a closed lid to boil 15 -20 minutes. Add the mashed champigons.
Melt the butter in a different pan, bake the mashed onions in it and add the flour. Mix the flour good with the butter (if needed ad the fluids from the bean or champignon cans). Beat the eggyolks and add them to the sause and than mix the vegetable mix trough it. Spice it up with parsley, salt and pepper (I use less than a half teaspoon of salt). Spread the ragout (stew?) on a flat plate and let it coold own in the fridge and than shape it into balls with wet hands (I used plastic gloves). The eggballs have a half  and cold boiled egg inside, the "bitterballen" have no egg inside and are smaller, about 3 inches or 5-6 centimeters). Put on one plate flour, another plate with beaten eggyolk and a third plate with breadcrumbs for breading the balls before frying.
Roll them trough the flour, than through beaten egg yolks and than through the breadcrumbs. Put them away in the fridge until they tighten. Fry them in very hot sunflower oil. Serve with musterd.

To celebrate Sharon's birthday with you,
how about a homemade cupcake? Commercial use ok.


6 happy thoughts:


Van harte met jouw dochter en wat zullen jullie trots zijn op jullie vechter.Meid met karakter.
Veel geluk en een mooi leven toegewenst voor je dochter.
Hele lieve groet uit holland,


MouserMo said...

Thank you for your freebies. Link on your post was added to PickleMouse freebie list

Pierelantijntjes said...

van harte gefeliciteerd met jullie dochter.
Ik heb kippenvel gekregen bij het lezen van jou post Elsina. Wat een zorgen moeten jullie gehad hebben om jullie meisje. Maar wat is ze er goed uitgekomen zeg. Wat een doorzettertje. Leuk dat ze bitterballen en eierballen wilde voor haar verjaardag. Knap dat je dat zelf gemaakt hebt hoor. Ik ga het recept wel bewaren en wie weet ga ik ook eens creatief in de keuken worden;-)
Ik wens jullie allen heel veel liefde geluk en gezondheid toe.
Liefs Ester

Susie(Psychozoe), Zoe the cat, Chiquita the dog said...

Thank you for the delicious CU freebie, and Happy Birthday to your daughter, Sharon!

Shirley1md said...

Belated birthday greetings for Sharon! What an amazing young woman she has become!

Mazel Tov and best wishes for her 22nd birthday!


RoseAddict said...

Thank you!