Sunday, 3 October 2010

Sunday mosaic

Now I am unemployed, I have finally time for all the projects on my list. I bought a hutch second hand which is to arrive today and for which I had to make room in my very small 80 square meter house. The plan was we would break a wall (and loose a bedroom) and enlarge the familyroom into a livingroom and diningroom, but as Michal moved back in, in waiting for her own new flat we needed the extra bedroom for her. So the hutch had to be placed in the already crowded small familyroom (future diningroom).
Luck Michal was home to help me (she is to be drafted in the navy next week). At the wall where the hutch is going to be, we had a bookcase, DVD shelves and the TV unit. Those we had to move to the other wall, where we had 4 bookcases already. We placed all five bookcases in a L-shape in the corner. It's small but it goes and it's temporary :)

Last week we visited Ikea and I got the white with red embroidered duvetcover. Love it! Also got a nice tartan pillow for the couch.

Furthermore still taking care of our cat Bettie, who doesn't seem to either get better or worse. She is eating and she doesn't seem to be suffering, so we keep an eye how things go. She still gets an IV every two days and she is very thin, so we pamper her with all kind of gourmet catfoods :).

and the corner photo is funny Sarai reading a magazine :)

[family room before]

[family room after]

sorry the TV is on. Yael was watching something. It was already late, hence the bad lighting. Will make some better photos next week.

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