Thursday, 18 November 2010

Black Toile de Jouy and give away

When Michal will get her own flat, her than vacant (small) bedroom which was originally the master bedroom of the house, will return to us. I want to redecorate the room and bought on Ebay one roll of black Toile de Jouy. It's for the smaller wall in the bedroom (only the upperhalf of the wall). It costed 10 British pound a roll and another 10,31 British pound for surface shipping (making it 33 dollars together). I still have the time before she gets her own place and airmail would have been 17.50 pound per roll!

I really love this pattern. Doesn't it look as if Darcy himself is strolling there with Elizabeth?

I can't buy wallpaper in Israel. Not even the paste to put it on the walls. It's not done here. Neither you"ll find any toile du jouy items in stores. So time to browse Ebay :)
How about matching teacups?

or a matching handmade doorhanger?

How about these gorgeous prints by

They would be fantastic with the black toile wall!

Aren't these gorgeous! I showed the nautical ones as those are my favorite, but Winterberry cottage also had kitchen themed or even Xmass themed and you know what? You can win 5 of these!!  Read about the give away here!

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