Thursday, 4 November 2010

Creative kids continued

Sarai (15) was home from school this week for a day and I gave her some projects to fill the day. Remember my cats broke a lot of ceramics this spring? I collected the pieces and gave Sarai to glue them back together and she loved it. The white pitcher I bought when I was a student at the university, some 27 years ago and I really liked that jug. Can't use it as a jug anymore but it will hold my dry paintbrushes perhaps. Anyway, a matter of sentiment to keep it :) After the jug was glued back together, we filled up the cracks with white relief paste and sanded it down afterward, so it would only seal the cracks. You can hardly see the jug was repaired.

Sarai loves to bring me home from school al kind of graphic projects, to decorate my future studio :). Love to collect these!

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