Saturday, 27 November 2010

A prayer for rain

While Western Europe is having snow, our Autumn has still not arrived. It is unseasonably warm. Hubby is still walking around in shorts and it is almost December! Prices of veggies have been raised already because no rain means no crops. It has not rained in half a year.
Hubby said he heard on the news it has not been such a warm dry autumn in 100 years. I certainly hope it's not going to be a trend.

Ynet reported:
Rabbis pray for rain on hot air balloon

With rain nowhere in sight, religious leaders fly 1,000 feet up in air to pray for coveted rainfall [Published: 11.26.10, Israel Jewish Scene]

Before dawn on Thursday, Rabbis Menashe Malka and Reuven Deri boarded a hot air balloon and ascended 1,000 feet in the air in order to pray for timely rain.


jacqueline said...

OMG whe had so much rain that 75 procent of belgium was almost under water,many houses where full with dirty water.Now 10 days later wo do have snow and it's cold here.
What a difference in where we life eh;-)

grtz jacqueline

alma said...

Wat is het toch raar verdeeld! Wij zouden het wel wat warmer willen hebben en een beetje droog en jullie snakken naar water! Wat bijzonder dat de Rabbi in een ballon de lucht in gaat om hiervoor te bidden! Wel indrukwekkend!

Ik wens je snel een verfrissende regenbui toe!