Sunday, 5 December 2010

December newsletter and collabs

Thank you all for your comments and well-wishes! I appreciate it a lot!

In half an hour a "supertanker" boeing from the USA is to arrive here in the North and they think it can end the fires still burning in several spots. It can drop 20.000 gallons (76 cubes, or 76.000 liters) at once. If you know our Israeli cropdusters can drop one cube (1000 liter) at once, the Europeans can drop 7-10 cube and the Russian plane that came to rescue can drop 42 cube - this is huge! Yesterday we heard the 34 firefighting planes going over all day till 17.00 in the evening, as they can't fly in the dark. It is too dangerous. So what they extinguished during the daytime flared up during the night. Now the wind has changed, the smoke can come our way from Osifya (that is the smoke I photographed from my front garden). There is a lot of critiques why it took so long, why we don't have planes etc. If you see my photo on Thursday, half an hour - one hour after it started...that would have been the moment to set in planes and our beautiful mountain park could have been saved, including the lives of many animals and 42 people.

Some brighter news, our CSD newsletter has been published. And it has a ton of freebies!
I am offering this styles pack FREE! (click next on the bottom of the newsletter to view all pages)

Furthermore, there is a new collaboration kit you"ll get free with purchase!  
Requiem of a Frosty Winter (December/January Mega)
Exclusively at

Contributing Designers: Adriana Ferrari, Adry Piliero, Azur Scrap, byMurielle, Cajoline-Scrap, Created by Jill, EMS Arts, jabi scraps, KaKleiDesigns, Lizard Dau Designs, MaChabine, Peek A Boo Designs, Pasko Creations, PrettyJu, Simplette Scrap
YES!  It's a SURPRISE BOX, and OMG, you will "NOT" be disappointed, I promise you. If you have purchased our Megas in the past, you know we don't hold back, and we throw in the kitchen sink if we can.  Here with a LOUD bang, we present you our most exquisite surprise box which includes:
175 Exquisite Elements, 88 Amazing Papers
.....and the rest is up to your imagination......

this is my contribution!

and finally, there is a free CU grabbag you"ll get with purchase at CU digitals!

Grab Bag - December 2010 CU Collab
Exclusively at
Grab Bag - December 2010 CU Collab

YES YES YES!  All commercial use packs included. This collaboration Grab Bag is jammed pack of fabulous CU products that you can keep going back to for more.
INCLUDES: 70+ CU ProductsWOW!
Participating Designers:  Adry Piliero, EMS Arts, jabi scraps, KaKleiDesigns,
Louise L, Pasko Creations, Peek A Boo Designs, Pretty Ju, TouchMe

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