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Monday, 20 December 2010


Who can help me find a store/person who can ship me beadboard wallpaper overseas (to Israel)? I can't get it here (also can't get real beadboard here). I tried Ebay and none of the USA merchants is willing to ship abroad. Payment by paypal. Photo below from design with christine,


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fl_connie said...

I will be happy to try to locate the wallpaper & find how much it would cost to ship - but I can't do it until after the 1st of January. We're going out of town to spend time with family, but if you haven't found a volunteer before then - I'll be glad to do it.

Elsina said...

Thanks Connie! Guess you are my only hope left :) Funny thing is the paper is made in the UK and it would be so much cheaper to ship it from there instead of all the way tru the USA, but the UK company sells it only in the US!

fl_connie said...

Hi Elsina, I haven't forgotten you. I've looked at a few sites for the wallpaper, but am not sure what kind you are looking for. There seem to be many different ones. One site I found will ship worldwide - not free, though. That is Seems a little pricey to me, though. Anyway, let me know if you still want me to help - and give me a clue exactly what you are looking for.

Elsina said...
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Elsina said...

Thanks Connie! I will browse their store now!

I was thinking of paintable white beadboard wallpaper. This store sells double rolls for 14 dollar:

but no shipping abroad :(