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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thrifty finds

These I bought in Israel (where prices for vintage/antiques are always way higher than in Europe/USA) for some really good price! The silver-metal large vase was 4 euros (it was almost black), the tablecloth was 2 euros and the large Hanukia candelabre was 10 euros.

In our local secondhand store I found this piece from Portugal. I am not sure what it is, perhaps for holy water? I want to put my memorial candle in it (always afraid my cats topple a burning candle). It was around 2.5 euros.

And this lovely single bed Matelasse bedpread I found for free! Perfect condition!

This week we finished breaking out the deviding wall between the diningroom and livingroom, painted, wallpapered. Still need to finish a lot. but we made a start (photos coming soon!)

and here is our dog Jojo, 13 already last month!


1 happy thoughts:

oma leentje said...

Wat lief die laatste foto. Ben altijd dol op honden . Wij hebben zelf een Teckel. De Hanukia kandelaar is prachtig. Ik wens je veelplezier met je nieuwe aankopen. Liefs Leni