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Sunday, 6 November 2011

My week

Well, I was supposed to make a post about Sharon's 23th birthday, and a post about the CSD treasure-hunt with my (freebie)part in it, for National Scrapbooking day...and some other things...but things went different. Last Wednesday Sarai had a bad bicycle accident and we went with ambulance to first aid and from there after xrays with ambulance to a larger hospital, as she had a shattered elbow in which one of the bones protruded trough the skin and had cut a main artery, after which she lost a lot of blood. Also the main nerve to the hand was cut for 2/3.  In a 5-hour operation, with plates, pins and dozens of screws they succeeded to reassemble it. We hope she'll get the feeling back to part of her fingers/hand (it's her right arm and she is right handed). Anyway, I have spend the last 4 days at the hospital and we just arrived home! I will catch up reading your blogs and posting the CSD news/freebies ASAP.

6 happy thoughts:

linda said...

sending prayers your way!! Hope everything turns out OK:) Love your work.

It's me said...

Pfffffff dat is schrikken......ik hoop dat alles weer goed komt met haar arm.......dikke knuffel van

La Maison en Wonderboom said...

Wat verschrikkelijk Elsina, ik hoop zo dat alles goed komt met Sarai. Arme meid, wat zal ze een pijn gehad hebben.
Heel veel sterkte en een lieve groet,


Willy said...

Dat klinkt behoorlijk heftig. Ik hoop dat het allemaal weer volledig geneest. Heel veel sterkte.

Artful said...

Ohhh, Elsina! No wonder you have been on my mind the past few days! Prayers and a hug. I am emailing you. :)

Shelly said...

Sending get well hugs and prayers. xxx