Monday, 12 March 2012

What a catch

Last year (read here) I bought four Italian brown glass tumblers for two shekels each (50 cents). Loved them! Pitty I had only four. I had just enough for the four of us (with Sarai and Yael), but not enough if the other kids came home for the weekend. Than one broke...and they were not used anymore, because I never had a table for 3...

Last week hubby asked if I wanted to visit the Haifa flea market. I said, "perhaps I"ll find another set of those tumblers", laughing and knowing I would not, as foreign antiques/vintage items are rare in Israel and to find EXACTLY the same, would be a chance of one in a million.

Guess what I found between all the junk (the Haifa fleamarket is for 75% junk)? A set of SIX exactly the same vintage Italian tumblers for 20 shekels together (around 5 dollars). Hehehe...I have nine now!

And below is another newbie in the house. This stray was roaming our garden last winter, but he was fighting with our other cats and we didn't take him in. This winter however the cat-catcher of the kibbutz caught him and had him neutered. All strays that are caught are spayed/neutered and vaccinated and than released again (TNR or Trap-Neuter-Release), whereby the Vet clips one of the ear points (during the  anaesthesia  of the spaying, so the cat doesn't feel it). This way in future they know which cat has been "helped" already and won't be taken in for surgery for nothing. I know it sounds horrible, but better a clipped ear than to be put down (animal shelters are overpopulated here). Anyway, since he has been neutered he is a darling and the other 12 cats took him in well. He feels already totally at home, despite being named "Lehben" by the kids (which means yoghurt in Hebrew, for being white...).

Tomorrow we have to take Sarai to hospital for follow-up surgery (read about her accident here) and I might not be home for a few days.

Have a great week and stay safe!


Kikka N said...

Congrats for The fine vintage Italian tumblers! :D
The Kitty is Cute!

Elna said...

What luck to find more of your lovely glasses. Such a cute cat, remind of Miss Truls *smile*. Have a nice day.


It's me said...

Wat een mooi glas zeg !! en ach wat sneu voor je kat...hoop dat alles meevalt...ik mail je straks even goed ??..liefs

It's me said...

Kuchhhhhh ...schaam schaam.....heb een nieuwe dat een goed excuus.......succes met je meisje

Willy said...

Mooie kleur en vorm van het glas.
Sterkte voor je dochter, ik hoop dat het meevalt.
Lieve groet,