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Friday, 28 September 2012

Still summer

It's still summer here (the nights are getting a little bit cooler, 22 Celcius instead of 28) but during the day it's still around 30 Celcius/86 Fahrenheit), so we decided to go to the Atlit beach last week and the water was lovely and warm. It's hasn't rained here since April or so and I am waiting anxiously for the first rain (as is my brown garden). Hope you"ll have a great weekend!

Photos made by Sarai (Samsung Galaxy)


2 happy thoughts:

Elna said...

Beautiful pictures and I want to be there because here it's raining and blowing all the time. Have a nice weekend.


La Maison said...

Jammer van je tuin, maar verder bof je wel hoor Elsina met meestal lekker weer.Genietend kijk ik naar je foto's.
Hier is het herfst ik zie veel kastanjes dit jaar, hopelijk betekend dat geen strenge winter want daar ben ik niet zo dol op.

Een fijn weekend en liefs