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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I won a give away!

Yesterday I received in the post a beautiful handmade guest towel with a gorgeous card of a Dutch lady in costume, which I had won in a give away of Willy's beautiful blogs Hej Tjorven and De tante van Tjorven (Tjorven's aunt). I love it! Thank you so much Willy!

Hej Tjorven is a blog about Scandinavian folklore. I love the articles about Scandinavian history, needlework, art, national costume, customs etc.
De tante van Tjorven/Tjorven's Aunt is a blog about (mostly) Dutch folklore, history, customs, museums, art, needlework, cities and villages, daily life etc and I love it as it's a little piece of "back home" for me, being Dutch, but already 26 years in Israel. I find this blog so inspiring! I always want to visit all those places Willy describes in her posts, I want to spend some time in the beautiful bed&breakfasts she visited, taste the cakes in the tea houses she shows,  I want to learn to make as beautiful needlework as she does :)

You won't be disappointed visiting these gorgeous blogs!


4 happy thoughts:

Pierelantijntjes said...

Ooh wat leuk Elsina! Gefeliciteerd hoor.
Iik heb pas ook een giveaway gewonnen. Zo spannnend wanneer ie komt...
liefs Ester

Elna said...

Congratulations so glad you won! I also read the blog, very nice. Now I have realized that it is not easy to handcraft with kittens * smile *.


It's me said...

Wat leuk !! en ze zijn zo handig...liefs van

Willy said...

Hej Elsina, fijn dat je er blij mee bent. Je hebt er een mooie collage van gemaakt en me ook nog in het zonnetje gezet, daar word ik weer verlegen van.
Lieve groet,