Tuesday, 27 November 2012

We are back!

Sarai's operation went well and I really hope it will be ok now (to early to tell). She has her complete arm bandaged in an open cast (so they can check up on the stitches) and she has a bandage on her lower back where she got stitches (about 12 cm), where the bone transplant to the elbow was taken from. The whole elbow was taken apart again, with plates and screws and rebuild again. The operation was five and half hours and she was another two and a half hours in recovery, so we waited eight hours outside the OR! Than 3 days in which she was sick from the anaesthetic and antibiotics, but now she is eating again and joking and laughing!

I want to thank everybody who mailed me, commented here or on facebook and wished us well and kept Sarai in their prayers! We really appreciate it!


Elna said...

I'm so glad that the surgery went well, so now we cross our fingers.

Big hug

It's me said...

Fijn dat het goed is gegaan !!......moet een hele opluchting zijn toch??..liefs van mij...xxx...

Juliƫtte said...

Fijn dat alles goed gegaan is!!
Nu gauw weer beter worden! Dat zal nog wel even duren denk ik!

Veel liefs, Juliƫtte

Willy said...

Fijn voor haar en jullie dat dit achter de rug is. Lieve groet,

La Maison said...

Wat een opluchting dat alles achter de rug is.
Blijf maar veel lachen met elkaar.