Saturday, 5 January 2013

I have been busy

As of January first I started to work full time again instead of my afternoon-evening part time job. During my last free days before the new job I finished some home projects.

I bought ten yards of Ikea fabric in the last sale for around 2 dollars a yard (normally around 11.5 dollars) with the plan to make new slipcovers over different vintage chairs/sofa I had collected over the years.

This chair I did first ages ago, but than the project was put at the sideline. It's a sofa with one matching chair, with beautiful woodcarving (I did only the chair than)

So last week I knew I had to pick it up again, because I wouldn't have the time, with the full time job. I slipcovered the sofa and two other chairs.

 Not an easy job with Oliver as "helper".
I have two of these chairs, totally ugly but in perfect state and very comfy!

The union Jack pillow was my first ever sew-project.

This is the full set, with lots of space if all the kids are home and easy to launder as I made them envelope-style (cats muddy paws).
and I painted the ugly media center in black!

Have a wonderful weekend!


It's me said...

Wowwwwww...wat goed gedaan zeg !!!...lekker bezig hoor!!.....fijn weekend liefs van

Willy said...

Hej Elsina, het is goed gelukt en staat mooi met die stof. Gezellig ook! Fijne zondag, lieve groet

Elna said...

What a great work you have done and I'm so happy that Oliver helped you *smile*. He look like my Sudden.


La Maison said...

Wat ben je goed bezig geweest en wat een verschil. Mooi hoor, maar ja met Oliver als hulp, dan lukt het wel.
Het media kastje is onherkenbaar.
Echt een gezellig interieur hebben jullie.
Full-time aan het werk zal wel even wennen zijn Elsina. Succes hoor!