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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A new Ikea store!

Finally a third Ikea store is being build in Israel, in Northern Israel! Until now we had the Netanya store (first Ikea in Israel), a one hour drive from us and the second Ikea store in Rishon le Zion (a one-and-a-half hour drive). Not really next door. The new Ikea store however will be some 10 miles  from us in Kiriat Ata!

Even though the prices in Israeli Ikea stores are 30-80% higher than Ikea stores in Europe/USA, it's still a little piece of "Europe" for me here and I love visiting Ikea :) Plans are it will open in March 2014. Yay!

You can see the Carmel mountain in the background. 
My kibbutz is build at the feet of the mountain.

The distance between my kibbutz and the new store 

The distance between my place 
and the 3 Israeli Ikea stores 


5 happy thoughts:

Bev said...

Good for you! Our nearest Ikea is 3 hours away in Dallas, Texas! Be sure and post photos of what you buy there! Thanks again for getting in touch! I really was glad to hear from you.

Cheery wave from

Elsina said...

Wow Bev, that's really far! Don't they have one in Oklahoma City?

It's me said...

Wat een hoop Ikea....winkels..!...leuk hoor !!...fijne week verder...liefs

Elna said...

So fun with a Swedish business * smile *. Think of me when you are there for Ikea is typically Swedish. You get to have a good start to the week and visit me at my other blog


Pierelantijntjes said...

hoi Elsina
Wat fijn dat er weer een Ikea winkel bij komt, en als ik het goed begrijp is deze dichterbij he? Maar niet normaal dat ie duurder is dan in Nederland...
Ik wens jou ook een hele fijne week. wij hadden vandaat eindelijk weer eens mooi weer. Als het goed is morgen ook nog en dan is het weer voorbij met de pret.
liefs Ester