Saturday, 17 August 2013

From our garden

Besides the organic tomatoes and cucumbers in April May

and the cooked lemon syrup from winter (frozen)  from our organic lemons which still makes a delicious cold lemonade! (we just opened our last bottle, so waiting for the new harvest!),

we got organic peppers too!

and today we had  organic watermelon and honey melon. The honey melon was juicy and sweet. The watermelon didn't get very big. It was juicy but the taste was a bit "watery", not really much taste to it.

Have a great sunday!


It's me said...

Heerlijk eten uit eigen tuin......liefs fijne zondag...x !

Willy said...

Prachtige oogst en het smaakt allemaal veel lekkerder uit eigen tuin. Fijne week,

Elna said...

So much good you have. Lemon juice sounds very exciting. I hope all is well. You will soon come and visit.


Elna said...

Have a nice weekend.