Thursday, 10 October 2013

Flower power dress

When I emigrated to Israel 27 years ago, I didn't take much from Holland with me. I did take a few memories of my childhood though. My favorite red flower dress (bought), which I got around 1968 and the jacket of a suit my mom had made for me. The suit had a flower flare pants too and a denim miniskirt, but I lost them over time. I still have the jacket though. It has popper buttons. How clever my mom made this herself! They still look in amazing condition after more than 40 years!


Willy said...

Wat mooi Elsina, die jurk heb je vast veel gedragen. Fijn dat je dat jasje ook nog hebt.Leuke foto's. Het hoedje stond je ook schitterend.

It's me said...

Wat schattig...liefs fijn weekend...x !

Elna said...

What a pretty floral dress. What happened to the two little cats? Did you get them?