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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Passover and freebie!

Well this post was written a few days ago but before I got to post it my computer crashed! Lost my operating system C drive and had to get a new drive and install windows and a ton of programs again. I have lost thousands of emails and my address book as well, besides stored password and program registration numbers etc. A catastrophe, but slowly slowly restoring everything!

This was my original post a few days back!

Tonight we celebrated the Passover seder and it was wonderful, with hubby reading the Hagada and the meal with gefilte fish for the non-vegetarians, matzos and knedelach!

I always listen to this opera with Passover and my favorite part is
the beautiful haunting prayer from Mozes in Egypt by Rossini (1819)

Dal tuo stellato soglio,  
signor, ti volgi a noi:
pietà de' figli tuoi,
del popol tuo pietà!

From Thy starry throne,
Lord, you turn to us:
pity Your children,
have mercy on Thy people!

I have this freebie for you!
A add-on paperpack for my kit EMS Arts - Passover!
The kit itself is available at my store, exclusive at CSD!

Sorry, expired.

Older freebies with EMS Arts - Passover
A card to print with your Passover present! Hope you like!

The printed card

 and a quickpage! 12x12 inch.

The kit itself is available at my store, exclusive at CSD!

To all who celebrated Passover, I hope you had a wonderful holiday! And to all who celebrated Pascha soon, have a wonderful Easter holiday!


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It's me said...

Eindelijk lukt het me een reactie achter te laten...moest wel even geduld hebben hoor.....hihihi.....fijne paasdagen.....liefs van mij...x !