Saturday 1 November 2014


Right now we have 8 indoor cats (more or less indoors) and 6 outdoor cats.

Below some older photos of the quadruplets born in 2013: Gerrie and Ozzie (the boys) and Nina and Nala (the girls).

and our latest addition, Sean, born 2014

Nala was adopted (but she still comes around from time to time) by a family in the street and got a new name, Jessie :)


Willy said...

Prachtige foto's.
Ze zijn erg fotogeniek.
Fijn weekend, lieve groet

Bev said...

Love the pics of your beautiful cat babies. I'm on Pinterest and, although my dog, Lola, won't let me have a cat, I pin all of the cat pics. The latest was a picture of a stage with a podium and a banner that said "Cat Obedience School Graduation" and there was no-one there! LOL Thanks for sharing! Always thinking of you! XO