Friday, 15 May 2015

How to download from 4Shared

Apparently my digihop part was deleted by the owner because it is hosted at 4Shared and she didn't know how to download it there, so I am posting a mini tut how to download from 4Shared. All my freebies going back to 2007 are still at 4Shared and available.

I am at 4Shared because I already have a ton of freebies there and hate to spread them over different sites. Second, other free host sites also require a few clicks (opt for the free download, enter a code proving you are not a robot etc) and third, some other free host servers where I did post in the past have since disappeared meaning old links won't work anymore, a thing I try to avoid.

First click the download button at the left of the 4Shared screen (see arrow) - FIRST CLICK

Than click the grey "free download" button at the right (the left is a faster download for paying customers). It says waiting time 20 seconds.

Your download will start automatically, meaning it is only TWO clicks to get the download.
After the download start you get a message your file has downloaded. If it didn't there is a link in that message how to still download your file but I never have to use it.
That's it!

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