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Who am I

My name is Elsina. My initials are E.M.S, hence the name EMS arts. 

Born in 1963, wife, mom to 4 girls aged 16, 18, 20 and 24 and a son who died, APS sufferer, survivor, hermit, zodiac Cancer, lifetime vegetarian, cat-lover (got 12 plus), doglover (Jojo), animal lover, love the Sea and everything maritime, Nature lover and recycling, anti-whaling (Greenpeace, SeaShepherd), love traveling, artist (pastels, pencil, watercolors, oils and acrylic), 3d artist (Bryce, Poser, Hexagon), scrapper, digital scrap designer, crafter, antique/vintage lover, love genealogy, love interior design (English cottage, French, Nordic) even when I have a tiny house, love CSI and doctor House but also a good Hitchcock or Miss Marple,  historian by degree, love 19th century literature, from Jane Austen to Oscar Wilde, Goethe and Schiller, Reform Jewish, Dutch by birth, Israeli by country, love the colors blue, white, grey, maroon, brown. forest green and black and dislike yellow, orange and bright colors, classic music lover, preferring silence and solitude over parties and noise. Not in this particular order :)

you can contact me in Dutch, English, German or Hebrew
at elsinab@bezeqint(dot)net

For questions and feedback please email,
send the form or leave a message in the guestbook/shoutbox in the sidebar.
Thank you! - Elsina

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