Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Coming soon - Yule

My latest kit Yule, worked on this one for months also and it is soooo large I had to break it up in two! This is the counterpart of my Jack Frost kit (Icy colors). Yule is a vintage feel Seasonal kit in warm rich red and green.
Yule will have the 5 papers (3000x3000) and 74 seamless tiles (500x500, 1000x1000), also aimed towards 3D artists. Yule add-on will have 51 elements! Some elements are handdrawn and some using my own art. CU as usual.
I am right now in the proces of uploading it to my stores, so stay tuned.
There will also be a freebie :)


Yule add-on: 51 elements.
Click here to see what is inside the kit (size from small to large)

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