Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Crusader Knights for Mike 4 ready

I have finally finished a project I started ages ago (crusader helmets) and once Valiant hit the market I knew I would update my Crusader Knights for M3, for Valiant, as the RDNA tabbard is not for sale anymore and so many people wrote me they wish an update.
I hope it will hit the stores soon! This was so much fun to create and I still see the crusaders as my favorite and never-ending project.
If you wish to see the full size previews, click the link at my site.

The pack has
  • 11 tabbard textures for Hospitallers, Hospitallers of St John of Acre, Hospitallers of St Lazare de Jerusalem, Teutonic Knights, Knights Templar and one king Richard tabbard.
  • 5 hooded cloak textures
  • 5 boots textures
  • 3 scabbard textures
  • 2 tunic textures
  • 2 belt textures
  • 2 bracers texturs
  • 2 pants textures
  • and two smartprop helmets!
  • and a bonus set for King Richard the Lionheart!

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