Friday 7 November 2008

New SW Tutorial up

This tutorial explains the basics of Stitch witch, a new utility how to texture Poserclothing for example (or any other model template).

Stitch witch is an amazing new program for texturers but it looks a bit complex at the start. Well it isn't! Here some easy tips how to do it. You can click the images to get a larger view.

  • Open Stitchwitch
  • click project from topmenu
  • click import template from topmenu
  • in the main window is now your template
  • under the template is a slider to make it smaller or bigger
  • I might make it smaller so I can see all the template but make sure before you export the texture to slide it back to 100 % otherwise you get a smaller texture.
  • click ok. 

  • click project in the topmenu and check overlay template so you can see where you draw later.
  • go to topleft where it says layer
  • click new

  • name your first part for example "left sleeve" In my sample I named it "belt"
  • now the second window is yellow
  • default it is set to fabric ( 3 checkmarks under the yellow window, fabric, lace and button)
  • click inside the yellow window
  • you get a popup window to browse for your fabric
  • (I put all my important fabrics in one stitchwitch library for easy browsing)
  • I choose for example brown leather.
  • now the yellow fabric window is brown leather. You can scale it with the slider under it.
  • go to your template
  • choose from the top icons, the second one.."add"
  • click on your template..on the corner-outline of the part you want to texture..(left sleeve)..
  • there is a red point now 

do not pay attention to the big square fabric you now got on your template..ignore the fabric..

  • click your next point with the mouse
  • like nicely around your template part..i take a little bit outside the template to be sure all is covered 

  • go all around until you arrive at your first point again.
  • the sleeve is now textured.
  • if you made a mistake and see somewhere it is not fully covered you can correct it by clicking the icon "move" and than drag that point outwards so all is covered.
  • if you totally screwed up..start over by clicking the icon Clear Pts...meaning clear points.
now go again to the top left layer and click new..and choose another part..

say for example right sleeve..


if you are done..

and you want a nice stitch at your collar..

  • click "new" again
  • and check lace.
  • browse for your lace or stich image..
  • and draw exactly the same line of points as you did with the fabric..
  • now you got a nice stitch line. 

if you want an applique or button..

  • checkmark button..
  • find your image
  • click in the middle of the part where you want it
  • if you see the button is way to large..go to the menu under your fabricpane left and move the sliders.."shift right" shift down till the button is in place.

when you are done

  • click in topmenu
  • "export"
  • "texture"
  • make sure your slider on the bottom is set to 100% for full size..or larger. so you not end up with a texture of 400x400

than save your project

than next time you just load it..

and by clicking in the fabric pane..change fabrics and stitches and laces etc.

one click and new texture!

Here is a sample. I used (see inset) 3 layers (3 times you click "new"), one for the leather (checkmark "fabric" for floodfilll) one for the stitch (checkmark "lace" to draw a line) and one for the lion emblem (checkmark "button" and put in place with sliders). 

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