Saturday, 6 December 2008

The knights of the Round Table

Another new product, the knights of the round table for Daz Valiant by Ravenhair for Michael 4 and the Daz hooded cloak for Michael 4, both Platinum club items.

King Arthur and 10 of his knights of the round table. According to legend, the court was the paragon of virtue and justice, and the knights the epitome of chivalry. Each of these knights stood for a specific virtue.
The exact amount of knights differs between 12 till 1600!!

This set is based on medieval legend and is not historically accurate (Arthur lived some 700 years earlier than the chronicles about him, starting in the 12th century), allthough the heraldry I used is researched and generally accepted for these knights.

You are getting 15 textures for the tabard.
King Arthur
Sir Lancelot du Lac (courage) - 2 different textures
Sir Galahad (Humility)
Sir Gawain (Courtesy)
Sir Percival (Prowess)
Sir Gareth (Justice)
Sir Kay (Loyalty)
Sir Tristan de Lyones - 3 different textures
Sir Brunor le Noir
Sir Bohort or Bors
Sir Lamorak - 2 different textures

The sash belonging to the tabard can be coloured seperately with a single click on the matpose, thus creating more possibilities to mix and match (7 colors). Just select the tabard and click the matpose for the sash of your choice.

Also in the pack seven matching rich velvet cloaks for the Daz Hooded cloak. Included also a matpose for hood on or hood off.

Furthermore one chainmail undertunic and underpants, 3 different boot textures (elaborate black, simple brown or chainmail with leather toecaps), two scabbards (one with the 3 crowns of king Arthur, one simple), two bracers (one for king Arthur, one simple), a belt and a sword.

This pack is a texture add-on for Daz Valiant by Ravenhair and the Daz hooded cloak.
All textures come with a matching bumpmap. Tunic and cloak have a transmap also.
There are NO textures for the shoulderpauldrons or leg-guards in this pack!

This pack can be combined with my Crusader pack for M4 (tunic, boots and hooded cloaks), available at the marketplace/store.

Click here to see the promos in full size.

They are already in store at 3DC and also at DDU.

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