Saturday, 29 August 2009

CSD speedscrap

Round #2 for August. We are featuring a fantastic Add-On by Crafty Scraps called "Patches".
Runs till August 30!!!

1. You will time yourself so it's completely on the honor system ladies
2. You have 1 hour to create you layout, so make sure you time yourself from start to finish (this means "working" time, please do not include download time nor upload to gallery time)
3. Post your layout in our "Speed Scrap" Gallery
4. Post you layout back on this forum so we know you particpated
5. POST TIME in minutes that it took you to finish layout Example: 20mins, 10mins, 5mins, 48mins).
Start timing after download is complete and stop time when layout is ready for uploading.

NOTE: If layout took you longer that 1 hour, please post it here anyway, we'd love to ooooh and ahhhh on your creations.

3 of our five new kittens, august 2009.
CraftyScraps Patches_Addon, alpha Digitreats

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