Thursday, 13 August 2009

Joey is backkkkkkkkk

Yesterday I went home from work around 14.00 feeling unwell and I went straight to bed till the morning and guess who came to visit? Around 15.00 I saw him on the windowpane outside my bedroom and let him in and he first ate for half an hour, than drank a long time and than he fell to tired. I noticed some suspicious spots at his throat, a closed wound on his leg and an open wound at the root of his tail (dogbite?) He is outside now, but confident he will return.
Doing happy dance!

Hubby went to run outside this morning when it was still dark around 04.00. He always runs and practises for his marathons before his dayjob which starts at six in the morning. Anyway, he fell because of a hole in the road he didn't see because of the darkness. Spend all morning in ER. Luck he didn't break it but he is immobilized for 3 days now. Doh.
Michal was away for studies all afternoon-evening and returned at 22.00..and slipped in the dark on the gravel path. Just some superficial wounds. But still...Murphies Law it seems.

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