Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Joey is still out there

It's now been 4 days that he has not come in at all, no food, no water. I saw him two days ago from far, called him..but he refused to come and ran off. He is totally scaired from something. I have done a dozen searches already. It's so stressing me out that he is not with me. :(


Jodi said...

If Joey has become sexually mature, if he isn't fixed...he may be out there "tom catting". Cats will also run off if they are sick. Or maybe he has discovered he likes his independence, as if they are not independent enough! lol. I have had the opposite happen this summer with my Socrates is fixed, he is an indoor/outdoor cat...LOVES it outdoors, but always comes in for food, water and loving. This summer, he will not go outside!! The only thing I can figure is that they are doing some logging next door and the sounds scare him...Hope you can get Joey back, if this is recurring, you may have to make him an indoor cat.

Elsina said...

Joey is 2.5 now and he is an indoor cat and fixed when he was 8 months or so. He is very attached to me and always indoors. Usually goes outside for a stroll and do his needs etc. and than he was attacked outside (8 days ago) by a stray male cat (not fixed) and now he is traumatised. He came back to eat some 6-7 days ago, only on the windowpane. He refused to get inside. I saw him outside a couple of days ago, tried to lure him but he ran off. He has not been inside for food and water for 4 days now and I have not seen him now for 3 days. It is very hot here, 100 plus Fahrenheit and there is no watersource outside (no ditches, lakes, canals etc.). I am so worried!