Saturday, 8 August 2009

Nobili d'Agostino - FREEBIE

"A noble person attracts noble people, and knows how to hold on to them."

"Ein edler Mensch zieht edle Menschen an, Und weiss sie fest zu halten, wie ihr thut"

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Source: Torquato Tasso (I, 1, 59)

    5 sets of textures for Agostino for David: THIS STILL HAS SEAM ISSUES IN THE CLOTHING but I don't have time to fix them and it has been sitting on my harddrive for a century already. So be warned, but hey it is for free afterall!

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  • Dante: with two different tunics, one with fleur de lis, one with Maltese cross.
  • Benedicte
  • Cesare
  • Francesco
  • Salvatore

    6 cloak textures for the Daz hooded cloak.

    96 matposes and matching png files.

    63 texture files:

    5 x boots texture (1500x1500)
    5 x pants texture (1500x1500)
    6 x tunic top texture (1500x1500)
    1 x tunic collar transmap (1500x1500)
    5 x mantle texture (1500x1500)
    5 x hip texture (1500x1500)
    5 x gloves textures (1000x1000)
    with matching bumpmaps (1500x1500)

    6 x cloak textures (1024x1024)
    1 x cloak transmap (2000x2000)

    2 matposes for tunic collar on and off
    2 matposes for cloak hood on and off

    many of the textures of the different sets can be mixed and matched with those of other sets. I have included some samples in the promos.

Required to use this product:
Poser 5 or Higher
Agostino for David by Valandar-Spiritfoxy Daz
David by DAZ
Hooded cloak DAZ

This product was tested and promos were rendered in Poser 6.
Not tested in Daz Studio!

Creator doesn't guarantee that this product will work with other versions of poser as intended,
or in Daz Studio
or on a MAC system.

No postwork on the promos except composing.

Thank you for your interest.

©2007 | EMS Arts

Character, hair, crown used in promos, not included.
This product contains textures and matposes for Agostino for David by Valandar-Spiritfoxy Daz


* Lee said...

Thanks SO MUCH!!

Would it be too much trouble to also include the png formats of these? I don't have Poser, but I really do love him. :)

Elsina said...

I would have to search my harddrives if anything is left of this project which I did some 2 years ago. Will do a search in the morning for any image formats.