Thursday, 24 September 2009

Challenges on the 12th day

My head is not really into scrapping right now as I am searching hours a day for Joey, who has now been missing for 11 days.
I asked Whitneay, a medium yesterday and this is what she told me.
He is depressed. It was the new mother and her kittens that hurt him. He was deeply hurt by this, and does not want to come back. He is still alive. Looks like he is under a building.
Today I hung up flyers at various spots.("motse" is with an "alef" and not a "hee" - sorry about that) Somebody must have seen him!

But I had to finish a couple of CSD challenges as the deadline is september 26th and I still have a couple to do! Check for them in the forum!!

This is the CSD scrapping for freebies challenge, hosted by Twin mom!

This is the cool motto challenge, hosted by Kaklei designs! The motto this time was: Don't leave home without it!

Sampler to be used:

The CSD scrapping by numbers challenge, hosted by Kaklei designs. All papers and elements of the sampler must be used!

We have named most of the kittens as we are not sure if they are male or female yet. One is for sure a female and we named her Bella. The boys we named Luca, Oliver, Edward and the fifth of whom sex is yet to be defined we named Kouskous.

The CSD bingo card challenge. Here is my steampunk bingocard. Can you guess what my next kit is going to be? LOL

and the CSD lottery challenge

my chosen numbers stood for two-toned layout, photos in the corner and striped paper.

Lets hope tomorrow I can write here Joey has been found safe and sound.

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