Saturday, 10 October 2009

Busy busy

This was really a crazy week. We had our bathroom renovated last week and this week we replaced the fence around the backyard! Luckily I had free from work as it's the Succoth holiday which is 8 days, ending in Simhat Torah which has just ended. So back to the office tomorrow :( have one more day off from school.
We had a wonderful Succoth and ate our dinner every evening in the succah together and it was such fun!

Winnie, our Persian made a new home in our renovated bathroom. Hubby asked if I could not have bought a cheaper cat-basket that this one LOL

Below, Michal spray painting the new fence we build around the garden to protect the cats from dogs wandering around (our succah is still there in the background). See how hot it still is here!

The five new kittens got this famous kitten eye-infection. Three of them have it, and one of them, Bella at both eyes. If untreated the kitten goes blind. We saw that with Joey (we got Joey AFTER he went blind with one eye). So took Bella to the vet and also our kitten from may 2009 Miley who also contracted the infection and Winnie our Persian who had a fever. Winnie got his worm shot, an anti flee ampul and antibiotics (oh oh the bill...). The kittens got a special creme to be applied twice a day. Now try to catch 4 kittens twice a day to put this creme. It is time-consuming!

Poor kitties must be a real bother, this eye infection. 
I hope the treatment starts to work soon! Miley is ok already.

Yesterday I went to see the movie "Up" with my 4 girls here in our local cinema. If you have a chance to see it, lovely animation movie with a great story.

Besides the renovations and my endless searches for Joey (still no sign), I have almost finished my latest kit. Just need to make previews and it's done! I also entered the digiscrap addict Fall madness challenge and was chosen for round one. The theme this week is to use only one designer's work and use the sentence "I love...". Well, of course, I made something about Joey. Not sure if I can post it here yet, maybe only after the challenge ends. Anyway, you can see it here.

Furthermore, I finished the challenges at CSD that finish half way October. Gives me some time to finish those that end by October 27th. I find them each time more challenging as I must use all items and can't use from outside the sampler offered. Than I have an idea in my head and can't realize it :)

Color the mini sampler and use all items and nothing else.

My swatch

My layout
This is my youngest Yael, who loves dressing up.

Use the sampler, all items, and nothing besides this.

My take
Me and my brother, early seventies.

CSD heritage challenge by Carol (this one ends October 27)
This month theme: scrap about your dad and use this color swatch

Here is mine.

Use the template provided and scrap about your brother.

My take. I used my own kit Solitude here.

That's all for now. I hope I can post the previews of my new kit and the first layouts of my CT and the freebies later tonight or tomorrow!

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AnikA said...

oh your cats are so sweet and the poor ones with this infection. Hope they are ok soon.
My daughter sa the fil "up" Friday in 3D, she liked it.
Love reading your blog, wonderful, thanks for sharing all this news

See you !