Saturday 17 October 2009

I am on to round two!

Yay! I made it to round two in Digiscrap addicts Fall madness challenge. This was my entry. Everything used Tangie Baxter. I really love this layout as it's my missing Joey. Yes he is still missing. 35 Days have passed now :( If only I knew where he was, dead or alive, maybe I could find peace with it, but the not's killing me. I hope if he is alive, that he's happy.

As for the rest of my fur-babies, the eye infection seems to be fading. Miley was ok after 3 days of medicins, but the kittens are still struggling with it, allthough it's getting better. One of the female kittens is going to a new home soon (they are 8 weeks now), but they still sleep together and still drink milk at the mother, even if it's now only once a day or so. It will be so hard to seperate her from the rest, but knowing she will have a loving home makes it easier.

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