Friday 23 October 2009

New workdesk

Busy week it was!
First I got a bad cold sunday and was home sick monday.
Tuesday I went back to work again, allthough it hadn't passed completely.
Wednesday hubby build me a nice new workspace.
Thursday I cleaned out the carton boxes with stuff of my old workspace (dry paints, old brushes etc.). I had to reconnect the computer/2 printers at the new workdesk and suddenly the mouse didn't work, so had to get a new one and bought a PS2 one by mistake instead of a USB. So had to find a driver etc (why doesn't it come with a driver???).
Than I went to the clinic and had my weekly bloodtest for my PT (trombosis) and had also my influenza vaccination. It seems I am in a risk group sinse I had my pulminary embolism last year, so I got a call up for the flu shot.
Than I finished some challenges for CSD.
I also put all my hybrid scrapstuff in new plastic boxes and all my paints in plastic drawers.
In the evening we had a parentmeeting for Yael but I was to tired, so hubby went alone.
In between I did my daily rounds searching for Joey in the neighbourhood. Not a sign :(. I did see Dobbie again, a black longhaired cat we had in our yard temporary until he moved on last year. Dobbie returned after a year or so, so I am still having hopes Joey might return. I miss him so much.
Now it's friday already and I am waiting for Michal to come home from boarding school. Sharon came home from her navybase yesterday, and Sarai is just home from school also. Yael will be home later. So should be fun having all the kids home for the weekend!

old workspace

that's a 26 kilo heavy 22-inch Samsung CRT monitor. It's a monster and I really want a LCD flat one someday, but's it's still working good and to throw it away is such a waste, also for the environment.

new workspace

new boxes

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