Monday, 26 October 2009

Scrapper Idol competition!

SIGN-UPS 10/25/09-11/01/09
Cordially hosted by Coolscrapsdigital

Hello every one and welcome to our "Scrapper Idol" competition. We are accepting registrations now until November 1st 2009.

Competition TimeFrame: 4 Weeks
Judging Panel Judge1 acting as "Simon", Judge2: Acting as "Paula", Judge3: Acting as "Randy" These fabulous judges will be judging your work. And we won't tell who's behind our Judges, because that adds to the fun, so our lips are ....

Participants will receive the 1st set of rules by the first week of November, and Judging panel will judge accordingly to select who moves to the next week. More details willl be posted for eac! h week.

OPEN TO: This competition is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, so everyone come and play!

WINNER: After four gruesome eliminations, Winner gets crowned "SCRAPPER IDOL" and receives $30.00 in CSD Digitals.

So get those creative juices ready Ladies, and let's get started.

First order of business, SIGN-UPS:

Sincerely, The Producers

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