Monday, 25 January 2010

CSD thematic challenge

Question theme for February is: Which and where is that place that you dream about in the world, and you never have the chance to meet? Rules: So, this is about a place, any place in the world that you dream about... You must use only papers and elements including in the New Beginning mini add on kit, you don't have to use them all but you can't use any items outside this kit.

Here is mine :)

The map alpha is by Hollywood studios (freebie ) and the golden alpha is shel_motherslove, also a freebie. The kit I used is the sampler Karen provided for this challenge. Photos are all from the Internet. The ship is a replica of the Endeavour, Cook's ship. The map is of New Zealand and by Cook's hand. The book is the titlepage of his acount of his voyage.

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