Monday, 25 January 2010

Kittens and Atcs

The 3 kittens are back. The boy who had his operation was Simba and he is doing great, hopping and jumping as before, but the girls, Patchouli and Bella are not doing so good. Bella just sleeps, but Patchouli is hanging with her head dangling downwards and I put her on a nice comfy fleece, but ...well I guess it can be expected after the spaying. While hubby brought these 3 home, he took Couscous on his way for her spaying, but it's evening already and they said they do the operation now, but she"ll have to stay overnight and can be picked up tomorrow at noon. Poor things, but it's really the best.

I noticed I hadn't updated my ATC gallery for a long time, so I decided to move them to Flickr, so I can trade them also! So if you are into ATC trading :) - the link is in the sidebar at the Flickr image!

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