Tuesday, 9 February 2010

A wonderful day

After two aweful days at work, today was just a wonderful day. No photos but a list for my P365 project :)

  • 1. It started with an email from daily digi that I won a voucher Mari's store ( love her designs!)
  • 2. I decided to end my 2-week Margaret Thatcher egg diet one week early (can't see another egg) but still managed to loose 4 pounds in one week (4 kilos sinse january 1).
  • 3. So I had some wonderful country organic nut-bread hubby bought in the organic store as I didn't have to diet :)
  • 4. Than I stumbled upon the one heart one world blog, visited tons of incredible craft blogs and am so inspired now. all I need is a month off from work so I can be in my craft corner. I am so sorry I am too late to enter but bookmarked for next year!
  • 5. My favorite jeans returned from the kibbutz laundry.
  • 6. My marvy le plume markers arrived from usa today.
  • 7. Had a shower with a new piece of herbal ayurveda soap after a day in the factory/office.
  • 8. Michal is coming home for a few hours from boarding school tonight.
  • 9. It was a sunny day today, but now we got rain and I love it.
  • 10. Yael made me a lovely craft item at school and Sarai made me laugh today.

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