Monday, 31 May 2010

Creative kids - glass stained windows

As there was a moment over the weekend, when the kids started to be bored, I gave them to paint with some glass paint I bought cheap a while ago. I bought the plaid liquid leading and 5 colors of plaid gallery glass window color (blue, green, yellow, red and white, which becomes transparant later). The lead doesn't have any lead in it, it just mymics the lead in glass stained windows. All of these are toxic free.
I gave them some plastic sheets that I have in my binder. Any plastic sheet will do. They put some drawing beneath, taped it to the table and drew the outline with the leadpaint. Later on they also did freehand doodling to cling on their bedroom widows (their name, flowers etc.).

Glass stain window patterns are free available on the net. Just google on it and you get a long list. For example here or here.

Once dry they filled in the outlines with color. The paints blend also nicely and you can draw lines in it with a toothpick for example.
Let it dry for a day and than peel it off the plastic. The drawing will stick to any window as a window cling. It can be removed and placed somewhere else. Easy and fun.
They made me a window cling for the entrance side lights :) Maybe I should draw on all the sidelight windows. Problem is I got eight!! It will be a project :)

the paint

plastic binder sheets

drawing on the outside window

and from the inside

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