Sunday, 23 May 2010

Fleamarket finds

I went to the Haifa downtown fleamarket again, got a sunburn as I forgot to bring my hat! It is really getting too hot already to walk over the market, so I guess the next time will be when autumn starts (if I can hold myself that long hehehe). The market is spread over a couple of streets downtown, between beautiful old abandoned house ruins. I got some nice finds, allthough it was hard to get a bargain. One seller started to argue and being not nice as I didn't want to pay 50 shekels for two small ironstone staffordshire transferware plates (that's around 13.50 dollars).
I got myself an Israeli sypholux glass soda bottle (Seltzer), a metal tray that I have some plans for, a nice wooden painted handle box and a small Alfred Meakin Staffordshire brown transferware plate with "the mill" pattern, all for 60 shekels (16 dollars), not bad, as only for the seltzer they wanted 40. Also saw a beautiful large mirror for 30 shekels (8 dollars), but it was heavy and I thought to take it when I go home. Of course by than it was gone. Doh.


Pierelantijntjes said...

Prachtige dingen heb je gevonden hoor. De fles is ook geweldig. Ik ben gisteren ook naar een rommelmarkt geweest maar ik heb nog geen tijd gehad om daar foto's van te maken. Maar binnenkort maak ik daar een post over.
Groetjes van Ester

Claudia Leertouwer said...

Via mijn blog kom ik een kijkje nemen op de jouwe! Wat een nare tijd voor jullie.

Liefs Claudia