Tuesday 4 May 2010

Week 18 in fotos and notes

I still need to finish my layout for week 17 in my project 52, but noting down week 18 so I"ll not forget for next week :) We are still busy with renovations/cleaning at home, and I don't get much to crafting.

We cleaned away a truckload of children clothes at home(from baby till teenager). 95% procent was in very good condition as I always took great care of the children clothes. Five procent got stained during storage and I threw it away. All handmade items (dresses, pullovers, pants etc) by the aunts and grannies I stored away to keep and all the rest went to New immigrants Wellfare. As we arrived there with our van full of bags and cartons of clothing (I also had to take six bags for the neighbour), many new immigrants were wandering around the gates, mothers with babies tied to their backs and small children and before we had fully unloaded the car, most of it was gone already! Gave me a good feeling I could at least make some of them happy and knew it was going to the right place.

Than I had a few surprises this week. My favorite cat Joey is missing now for over 220 days, as you will know from my blogposts. Still no sign of him, allthough I still look for him daily. Thing is, we had another cat, a kitten named Ariel. A year or so ago, he went missing and we never saw him again. And what a surprise!! Sunday, a ginger cat came in the house and was chased out by the new cats. As I went to check on this cat, and saw his eyes, I recognised him inmediately as Ariel!! Two years!! So I am not giving up on Joey either.

Than I had to fix something at my mom's pc monday, yesterday and she has this storage room under her house (the flat is build on pillars and most people dump their old stuff under the house). This storage room was of the person who rented the house before my mom and had died 20 years ago. My mom lives there already 15 years and never opened this room, so I went to check and found in a huge pile of dust and old junk, this cute Sypholux vintage soda siphon!! I love the (blue) glass Zeltzer bottles, but I can't get those here, but this unexpected find was fun :)

21 Years of children clothing going to Wellfare

Ariel in May 2007

Ariel now, sorry for the dark photo, had to catch him from far as he is easily scared away. I hopefully get another chance of photographing him.

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