Monday, 10 May 2010

2010 - Week 19 in fotos and notes PART 2

We are in a heatwave. It was terribly hot today, 34 Celcius (dunno what's that in F, but probably a close to a 100 if not more). Summer has not even started yet! There was a brownish yellowish haze and a heavy wind, as if a Sahara sandstorm was on it's way. The news said the Vulcanic cloud from Iceland was over Cyprus and will arrive in Israeli skies in the evening. I wonder what effect it will have with this heatwave!

Some pictures of today and yesterday.

The party for hubbies 50th birthday with all the family was lovely. My brother in law, sister in law and their two little girls (almost 2 and 4) were there, as well as my sister in law and her husband and their 3 kids of 7. 16 and 18. Me and hubbie of course with our 4 kids as well as my mother in law and father in law. My brother in law makes the most fabulous things from wood and had handcarved from oakwood an "yad" for hubby (Yad is Hebrew for hand). This is a fingerpointer, a pointer with a small hand and stretched pointfinger to read from the Torah, so that a human hand will not touch the precious scrolls and damage the lettering. Many times they are from silver in synagogues. My sister in law had made a matching pouch for it and hubby was so pleased with it!

hubby and the kids

My father in law's table and favorite foods :) I think he has these dishes sinse the seventies.

The Torah pointer present

Below the traditional silver one.

and here the handcarved oak pointer made by my brother in law.

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