Friday, 28 May 2010

Week 21 in notes and photos

To remember for the week 52 scrapbook project.

The weekend was nice with some great fleamarket finds and an entrance table with a marble top.
At sunday evening though Michal started feeling sick (she was already at the boarding school in Akko and not at home). Monday morning I asked her several times if to come over and get her home but she refused saying she was going to be ok. An hour later she went to the school doctor and nurse and they send her to a nearby medical centre. There they suspected appendicitis and the school send her to Nahariya hospital. Luckily her boyfriend who is at the same school went with her and stayed at her side all day (thank you sweetie). Hubby was at fysio-therapy because of his legproblem and as soon as he came home at 20.00 we drove all the way to Nahariya to be with Michal. Michal got an IV and many tests. It was not her appendix, but some very bad flu or something and we took them back to school.
I was home after midnight and so broken the next morning, that I took a day off from work. Now that was my luck, cause while I was away from work, tensions which have risen over the past 2 years at my workplace got to a boilingpoint and there was a huge verbal fight between workers and management. One of my best friends and collegue decided to quit and went home aftet 24 years of employment there. The day after, as I returned to work we had a meeting and there was another explosion of build up stress. It was all in all very unpleasant and right now, the department manager is not on speaking terms with us. Oh well...
Anyway, glad we made it to the weekend. Working on my new scrapkit right now and as a matter of fact uploading it to store at the moment :) And I got some of my bargains from Ebay with the post this week! I got a pair of ruffled oxford embroidered vintage pillowcases for $ 2.10 from the UK and a pair of vintage Dutch embroidered crochet pillowcases for $ 3.95 from the USA. Both pairs are beautiful! And a big bag of vintage buttons for $ 1.29.
And of course my garden always brings me great joy. Fortunately the hydrangia that suffered a sunstroke in last weeks heatwave survived!

one of the photos from the series the kibbutz made for Yael's batmitswa party.
Here with Patchoulie.

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