Tuesday 22 June 2010

Michal graduated!

Michal graduated as one of the youngest cadets and  with honors from the Naval college yesterday after 4 years. She graduated in Sailing, with her skipper diploma and her highschooldiploma (astronomy, navigation, physics, math, english, hebrew, bible, history and more)  at the highest levels with her average note at 94 out of 100. Only 3 cadets out of 90 were called forwards to get the highest honors of "above excellence" and she and her boyfriend were two of them :) We had to be there at 14.30 for the ceremonies, songs and a show the cadets had prepared. Than there was dinner and afterwards the ceremony outside. We were seated just behind the police band who was playing during the ceremony and the special march exercises the cadets were performing (they marched in the shape of an anchor, the israeli flag and the logo of the school etc.). That was loud! LOL Finally they marched in circles and threw their hats into the air. Afterwards all graduates went in full uniform into the sea for a swim :) I was home by midnight and exhausted! But it was very beautiful. How fast time flies!
Now she will be home and working for a couple of months, as her dutycall in the Navy is only in coming February.


KimMalk said...

Congratulations, you must be so proud. I'm sure she worked very hart.

Pierelantijntjes said...

Ooh Elsina wat zul jij trots zijn. Ik zit gewoon met kippenvel op mijn armen. Van harte gefeliciteerd, en voor allen Gods zegen toegewenst.
Liefs Ester