Saturday, 26 June 2010

Touch wood?

I was just commenting to Dani the other night how she keeps all her precious things safe when having cats, as at my place at least once a week something breaks because of my kitties. I was really wondering how other cat owners combine the love for porcelain and other vintage breakable goodies with the love for our cats???? She said so far it went ok, touch wood ("afklopppen"). Well, a couple of hours later this happened at my place. This is the third time this week!!!!
Now the brown urn thingy was a new item that I can replace, but the white blue porcelain jug I bought in Holland when I was a student, 25 years ago! I loved that jug. Sigh.

From this:

To this:

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Daniƫlle said...

Oh such a shame! It was a nice jug! I must confess that all the stuff that is really dear to me and is able to break is behind glass in closets. But so far they have only damaged a few decorations from glass (for those small candles) that were in my table. So now no more fragile things on the table. But luckily they leave my vases with flowers alone.
Funny you lived in the area I live now! We just moved here from the Amsterdam area, and we love it here.
Greetings Dani
(thought it's better to comment in English on a English blog :-))