Monday 14 June 2010

Week 24 in notes and photos

Wow week 24 has started already. Here are the notes for my week 24 layout for my week52 project.

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Friday June 11: I planted loads of new plants in my garden with my mom after we visited the kibbutz nursery greenhouse.
Weekend: I painted the old vanity table and reupholstered the seat. About that later!
Sunday June 13: back to work. My brother's 49th birthday.
Monday June 14: Today some guys came to put the metal bars on my window as there was a break-in a few weeks ago in my neighbourhood. They took measurements last week and today were going to place them. As I heard them working but didn't SEE them, I went outside to check and found out to my horror they had placed the bars in my neighbour's window!!! Oy ve..luckily the neighbour was not home and it was removed and screwholes plastered etc. Than they placed it in my window and found out it was 20 cm too short, as also their measurements a week ago had been at my neighbours window :)) I decided to take it anyway, as the roll shutters above fills up the 20 cm.
Than I got a lovely cat bite today from Shush (who never became a friendly cat). She just saw my arm moving in the dark this morning, startled and took a bite. With me using coumadin (bloodthinner) it took a while before the bleeding stopped and I sincerely hope I am not getting any infection in my hand.
The day ended good though with Karen of the Graphics Fairy featuring my soap box!!! and the Netherlands beating Denmark 2-0! hehehe
The Graphics Fairy
and edited later:
Tuesday June 15 Sarai's end of schoolterm party. I am with Flu.
Wednesday June 16 Flu
Thursday June 17
I am still with Flu.


Roz said...

Your box is beautiful! The graphics and colors look fabulous. Someone is getting a very special gift.

Thespa McLaughlin said...

When I saw your box on the Graphics Fairy today I thought, hey! I know that box. So glad to see such a pretty project featured!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Elsina, so glad you came by to enter the giveaway! What a gorgeous box you created, I too, saw it this morning at the Graphics Fairy. Hope your hand heals, cat bites can be fierce!